The story behind the brand:

We recently found out from the Center for Disease Control that the new HIV infections were of males of the ages of 13-29. Many of which come out of the closet and are kicked out of their homes. A lot of them turn to prostitution to survive and or get involved in intravenous drug use. Project R.E.A.L (Real Empowerment on All Levels) was created to give that demographic a safe place to get safe sex education, counseling, and most importantly a place for them to meet other people their ages.

The original design was Asbury Famous which came from a New York City based drag performer and her banter with a local Asbury Park drag performer. The NYC drag performer told the other Bitch, youre just Asbury famous! I thought to myself that i wouldnt just want to be Asbury famous, Id rather be Asbury infamous!

Thank You,